Account Settings: Overview
  • Automatic Network Discovery Settings (ANDS)

  • Multicast Settings

  • Unicast Settings

  • Delete IP Addresses

  • Import IP Addresses

  • Import Host Names

  • Remove Host Names

  • Report Filters

  • Communication Time-outs

  • SNMP Community

    Accoucnt Settings: Overview

    Default account settings allow FMAudit WebAudit to audit the Local Area Network (LAN).

    If the results don't include all the anticipated device results, follow the recommended steps below to to configure additional IP addresses, IP ranges, and subnets.  You must be able to ping a printer in order to audit it.  If it's physically turned off, in a critical error state, or you can't ping it, it won't be included in the audit results.

    Recommended steps to configure Account Settings:

    1. Use the Subnet Discovery (Automatic Network Discovery Settings) for a LAN and WAN:
    (quick to retrieve network subnets, but may be blocked by network security settings)
  • Click the Discovery button -> Start Discovery

  • If results are not displayed and there are FMAudit Agents deployed on the network, select the Agents link -> Start Discovery

  • If results are displayed, click the Update Settings button which saves the results to the Account Settings page

  • 2. Configure "Specific IP" settings for a LAN:
    (slower but ultimately more reliable than "Broadcast" settings)
  • Enter IP ranges in the "Add IP Addresses" text box, i.e.,,

  • You may also specify multiple ranges at once, i.e. 192.168.1-3.1-254

  • Caution: adding more ranges will increase the amount of time it takes to complete an audit
    3. Configure "Broadcast" settings for a WAN:
    (quickest and most flexible, but not as reliable as "Specific IP" settings)
  • Enter Multi-Subnets, i.e.,,

  • Configure "Specific IP" settings specified in Step 1

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