Account: Create

Accounts may be created in FMAudit Central by selecting the Create link on the Accounts page.  Your user type must be associated with an Administrator or Dealer User contact type to access this link.  Enter the applicable information specifying the required fields below.  Alternatively you may Import .FMA files which contains one or more accounts created using FMAudit Viewer or Onsite.  The import will include any Account settings

To create a sub-dealer account, assign a Dealer User as the primary contact type.

To navigate back to this page, select the Accounts link from the bread crumb menu.

  • The following fields are required:

  • Account Name
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Primary Contact Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Primary Contact Password
  • Primary Contact User Type
  • Billing Street
  • Billing City
  • Billing: Zip/Postal Code
  • Billing: Country
  • For a Dealer User you have the option to assign an Admin Feature Group from the dropdown control.

    By default, when creating a dealer user, it is assigned the Default Admin Features Group. To add or set a default group, you have to go to Admin Features page.

    A parent account is not required, however you may assign one to create a hierarchy thereby assigning your new account as a child of another account.  The parent account drop-down lists all accounts which are one level higher than your new account.  To select an account which is not in the list, type a portion of the parent account name and select the drop-down to search and display the resulting matches.

    Clicking on Create Account will save the new information and display the View Account page.


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