Admin Main Page: Database Maintenance

The Database Maintenance page shows the current location, type, and version of your FMAudit Central database:

The Compact/Optimize link shown above can be used to shrink the Microsoft SQL Transaction Log associated with your Central database, thus reclaiming the disk space previously used by the log.

Note that Central v3.3 adds an Index Rebuild operation to rebuild all indexes on the database, as well as sets the Recovery Mode of the database to SIMPLE to guarantee that Central database log files will not grow indeterminately. Please note that your Database Admistrator can always restore to a preferred Recovery Mode for the database and perform the maintenance in a schedule maintenance plan.

Please note that if your MS SQL installation is not located on the same server as your FMAudit Central website, this Compact/Optimize operation may fail. Microsoft SQL Management Studio can still be used to shrink the log. Please see the Microsoft documentation for more details.


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