Accounts: Export

To export one or more accounts, click Export on the Accounts page.  To navigate back to this page, select Accounts from the Bread Crumb Menu.

All FMAudit applications are designed to easily exchange and share accounts and all their associated data with other users.  This includes account information generated in both FMAudit Viewer, Onsite and Central with the WebAudit module.  Sales people, Technicians and Accountants may all share these data files and produce reports catered towards their own specific needs.  FMAudit Viewer associates any .FMA files received via email and by double clicking on the attachment will launch and import the account and audit information.

Select accounts by placing a check mark in the appropriate boxes, and click Export Accounts to save the selections to a .FMA file.

Accounts must have a primary contact assigned to them in order to be included in the export.  Accounts with an * (asterisk) after their name do not meet these requirements.

Meters Selection
FMAudit Audited meters are those which are included in the account audit history.

Submitted are meters which have been submitted by either a customer or dealer user using the Meter Validation report.

Include Only Approved are meters which have been through the Administrator Meter Validation process, and have been approved.

Include Only Last Submission are the last period meters which have been approved by the Administrator.  These are the meters which are most likely submitted to an ERP system, such as OMD NetVision.


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