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  • Introduction: Overview

    FMAudit Central is a data repository and customer portal.  It's used by used by Dealers, Cost-per-Copy and Facilities Management companies for the collection of automated meters, status, and service alerts from FMAudit Onsite, as it relates to printers, copiers and MFP's.  This eliminates expensive and time consuming onsite visits while increasing the accuracy and timely delivery of information.  Alternatively the WebAudit module allows customers, who you provide logins to access Central, to login to their account, initiate the meter collection, followed by optional meter validation, viewing audit histories, generating reports and other useful features.

    FMAudit Central is installed in the dealers office or approved 3rd party hosted service.  Data from FMAudit Onsite is received on a pre-scheduled date/time via XML, and consolidated.  In addition, Onsite sends meters for devices that have been added or removed from the network midway the scheduled interval.  Alternatively, dealer users may upload .FMA files exported from FMAudit Viewer.

    Advantages over Print Management Software:
    FMAudit's advantages over other similar Print Management solutions are many.  FMAudit doesn't require any special hardware to be pre-installed, or modifications to the existing print environment at the customers location.  This reduces the costly installation process and ongoing maintenance associated with permanent applications which must rename or redirect print traffic to special print queues in order to intercept and track usage.  FMAudit products are not ASP based, meaning the data collected is not transferred to an outside party such as the applications author.  The data is kept private and is only accessible and viewable to organizations and users you define.

    FMAudit gives a precise picture of exactly what the current status of the networked devices are.  It does this by pulling the information directly from the hardware.  Other applications may introduce errors and inconsistencies.  Overages will occur if any print jobs are restarted from the network, or missed print jobs will occur if print jobs are reprinted directly from the printer, or printed from a workstation that does not have the client application installed.

    For additional information of FMAudit compared to Print Management Software, or Manual Data Collection, click the following URL: Site Assessment Advantages


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