Obtaining Software: Licensing

FMAudit Central requires a license to use the base modules and additional licenses for each optional module.

The Licensing page displays information on the current license(s), including the Module, Type, Organization, Expiration Date, and User.

To install a License.lic file which you have obtained from your distributor, select the Import License button and proceed to the Install License page.

To download a license from the FMAudit license server, proceed with the following steps:

1. Purchase License.
  • Contact your authorized FMAudit distributor to receive a license for your FMAudit product, and a User ID and Pass.  US customers may purchase online

  • 2. Load the "License" page.
  • From the Application's Account page, select the Licensing link from the Main Admin Page to browse to the license page

  •   If including the WebAudit module, you must log into Central using the external URL that your customers will be using, as the license is based on this URL.
    3. License Options.
  • Place a check in the Action boxes for the appropriate modules and select the "Download Selected" button to download the license(s)

  • If the current network has a proxy, firewall or similar security in place, you may be required to click on the Manual link in the page menu and follow the instructions

  • Select the "Import License" button to browse your local hard drive for a "License.lic" key file

  • 4. User Verification.
  • You will be prompted for your User ID and Pass to proceed

  • 5. Download License.
  • The download license page will display all the license methods currently available in your company's general account

  • Select the appropriate license(s) and Download link to proceed to download and install the license(s)


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