Support: Live Update

While FMAudit software applications are tested extensively prior to their release to ensure maximum compatibility, it is impossible to anticipate every different configuration that will run the software. Unexpected technical issues may appear under certain configurations, at which time the software is updated to address these issues. Updates are released to make available new features and additional improvements to the software, as well as changes to data files.

FMAudit uses a Live Update process which makes this task less daunting.  As an end user you are not required to know which version of software you currently have installed on your system, or to search for a newer version to download and install manually.

To check for available updates:
On the server where FMAudit Central is installed click on the Windows Start -> Programs -> FMAudit Central -> Update.  The Update will connect to the FMAudit update servers and obtain the latest versions available.  To proceed click the Next button.  The Central Live Updates page will reflect the new installed versions and the last date an update was applied.


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