Overview: Navigation

Navigation Options:

<- Browser Address Bar
<- Browser Menu
<- Browser Tool Bar
<- Link to FMAudit Website
<- Bread Crumb Menu
<- Page Menu

Browser Menu:
The Windows browser menu may be used to save the current page as an HTML document (File -> Save As), exit the application (File -> Close), or other general configuration operations that affect the look and feel of the Central UI.

Browser Toolbar:
The Windows browser toolbar may be used to navigate to previous pages using the forwards and back buttons, refresh the current page, and search for a keyword.

Bread Crumb Menu:
The "Bread Crumb Menu" shown above is used to navigate back to Main Admin Page, and Accounts page in FMAudit Central.

If you are logged in and your contact type is set to "Administrator", then the bread crumb menu will allow you to select the Main Admin Page link.

Page Menu:
The main way to navigate throughout FMAudit Central is using the "Page Menu" shown above.  It's been structured using an approach and will show the selections appropriate to the page that you're currently viewing.

The "Help" icon  displayed on the right side of the Page Menu, launches the main FMAudit Central Help system with help on the current page topics displayed by default.

The "Logout" icon displayed on the right side of the page just above the Page Menu, logs the current user out of FMAudit Central.


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