ASM: Modules

Alert Definitions Tracing Alerts Summary
Define Alert(s)
View Alerts Hierarchy
Dismissed Alerts
View Active Alerts
Approve Alerts
Email History
View Supplies Levels
ASM Processing Unit Status
Settings Maintenance
Alerts Processing Behavior
ASM Global Admin Settings
Edit Ignored Email Recipients
Import Alerts
Export Alerts
Purge ASM Data

Adaptive Service Management Modules Page allows the user navigate to all ASM pages. It is divided in five major areas of interest for the user tasks or information:

  • Alerts Definitions area allows users define, edit or access the Consumable Alert Definitions;
  • Tracing area give access to see the active alerts, approve alerts or check the emails history;
  • Settings area gives access to ASM Global Settings and Alerts Processing Behavior;
  • Maintenance area allows easy Import/Export of Consumable Alert Definitions, as well as to perform database cleanups of older ASM data, and
  • Alerts Summary area displays the active alerts in the system, grouped by alert status, as well as the emails that failed during during the previous day.

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