Report View: Audit Comparison

The results of your customized FMAudit report will be displayed with the options selected on the previous Audit Comparison Report Settings page.

The aggregate summaries will exclude devices where there are no values reported for the monochrome and color pages, even if there is a value reported for total pages.  This is due to insufficient information to determine the break down of monochrome vs. color pages.

Report Title:
The start and end date which represent the first and last audit selected is displayed on the top right of the report, opposite the report title.

Report Body:
The report body contains print devices based on on the two selected audit dates, along with the selected fields and sort order.

The values for the total, mono, color, print, copy, fax, scan and email values are the differences between the selected audit dates.

If the Include ignored devices option is enabled, a list will be appended to the end of the report that contains any devices that were discovered on a single audit only.  These devices do not contain enough information to properly calculate results.

Report Summary:
If the Include summary option is enabled, the total number of printers, manufacturers, monochrome and color pages
between the start and end dates will be shown.

Edit Report Settings:
You may navigate back to the Audit Comparison Report Settings page to make any adjustments and then regenerate the report.

Printable View:
A Printable View may be displayed which excludes any navigation or button options.


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