Report Settings: Audit Report

You have the option to customize any reports in FMAudit Central.

Selected Columns & Sort Order:
By moving descriptors within the "Available Fields" to the "Selected Fields" window and vice versa, you can customize the information and order of significance it will be displayed on your report.

The report may be generated for any previous audit by selecting the appropriate date/time combination from the "Date:" dropdown.

Additional Options:
You may also choose to enable up to 2 additional options:

  1) Include Summary; summary of total number of Printers, Manufacturers, Total, Monochrome and Color pages
  2) Apply report filters; configured on the Account Settings page

View Report:
To view the Audit Report, click the "Generate Report" button.

Save Settings:
You may save your custom settings to a .REP file by clicking the "Save Settings" button.


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