Account Settings: Multicast Settings

Local Area Network (default settings)
Multicast IP settings are preconfigured, and are the default after the creation of the account.  This will include the IP subnet range configured on the network.

Subnet IP Address Range of IP's to discover
Local Area Network (LAN) Local Area Network Only

Wide Area Network
In order to include additional branch locations in the same audit, you must add additional multi subnet IP's manually or automatic, or a range of individual IP addresses.  This is due to network devices such as firewalls blocking the general broadcast.  Routers between branch locations will usually pass the broadcast packet, allowing printers and MFP's in multi subnets to be included in the audit results, i.e.,, (3 branch locations)

Class of Subnet IP Address Range of IP's to discover
Class A 16,777,216
Class B 172.x.255.255  ( 65,536
Class C 192.168.x.255  ( 256

Valid Formats:

Description:   Delimiter:   Example:

Separate multiple ranges   Comma ","
Space " "
Tab "      "
Carriage Return (enter),


Description:   Example:

Individual multi subnets,, (3 branch locations)

Caution: Adding unnecessary subnets may increase the time it takes to complete an audit


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