Account Settings: Communication Time-out

The Communication Time-Out variable on the Account Settings page is defaulted to 1000 ms.  During an audit, if a response has not been received back during this period for a specified IP address, FMAudit Onsite will no longer attempt any communication for that IP address.

Depending on the amount of network traffic and the general network latency, the default timeout may need to be adjusted. Differences in the total number of devices from one audit to another within the same relative timeframe, is a good indicator the timeout setting needs to be increased.

Setting this value too high, or with a large number of Unicast IP's may unnecessarily extend the time it takes to complete an audit.

i.e. Timeout =  1000ms (default setting)
192.168.1-254.1-254 = 254*254/20*1000/1000 seconds = 54 min for 64,516 IP's
i.e. Timeout = 250ms
192.168.1-254.1-254 = 254*254/20*250/1000 seconds = 13.5 min for 64,516 IP's


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