Account Settings: Unicast Settings

Unicast IP Addresses may be added as needed on the Account Settings page.  These settings are used on a LAN/WAN to include individual IP's or a range of IP's.  A range of IP's may be included by specifying a start and end IP address, or using the options shown below.  Another alternative that is preferred on larger networks with 100's of printers and MFP's or a WAN (multiple branch locations) is to specify single or multi subnets.  This will decrease the time for the audit results and reduce network traffic.

An existing list of single IP addresses or range of IP addresses may be copied from an external source such as a text file, CSV file or Excel spreadsheet and pasted into the "Add IP Addresses" text field, using any variation of supported delimiters.

Valid Formats:

Description:   Delimiter:   Example:

Individual IP's   Comma ","
Space " "
Tab "      "
Carriage Return (enter),

Range of IP's   Hyphen "-"

Combination of IP ranges   Broken vertical bar "|"|50-90


Description:   Example:

Individual IP's,, (3 IP's)

Range of IP's (11 IP's), (52 IP's)

Combination of IP ranges|50-90 (52 IP's)
192.168.1-10|20-30.1-254 (5,334 IP's)

Caution: Adding unnecessary IP's or IP ranges will increase the time it takes to complete an audit
i.e. 192.168.1-254.1-254 = 254*254/20*default timeout/1000 seconds = 54 min for 64,516 IP's


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