Synchronize Data: Onsite

The FMAudit Central service is designed to receive information from FMAudit Onsite, however the communication must be authenticated or the data will be rejected.

To define a sync, enter a friendly name into the Sync Name field, along with a User Name and Password combination and select the Add button.  The user name and password assigned to the sync must match the combination entered on the Historical Settings page of FMAudit Onsite "Central destination".  Once added to the grid, the default parent account will be populated, but this value may be edited to allow for certain scenarios, i.e. If a multi-branch customer has been set up in Central, meaning the head office has been defined as the parent of the child accounts, an Onsite sync may be defined with the ParentAccount selected, allowing new accounts not yet set up in Central to be auto-created when the Onsite data is received (with the associated user name and password combination) and automatically assigned as a child account. 

Previously defined sync's may be edited or deleted by selecting the appropriate cell/row in the grid.

Multiple sync's may be entered for the purpose of assigning different syncs to a groups of accounts, thereby allowing future changes which are isolated to the group and not globally to all accounts.


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